Monday, March 31, 2008

Love earth as you love yourself

Imaging if every single person change some habits for good.

Here´s a list of really easy things we all can do everyday, simple things that can help to save earth.

Turn off the lights every time you leave a room and turn them on just when you need it,

Unplugged every electric thing you are not using, does not work if you only push the off buttom, they still consume energy that way.

Leave your car in the garage once and a while and walk, more opportunities to catch up hot guys if you do so :P

Don´t ask for plastic or paper bags when you do your grocery shops, instead carry your own grocery bag with you when shopping, I know this is too gay but it helps a lot :)

Give a ride to your friends and family every time you can, better one car running on the streets than two.

Change the old light bulbs for savers, they give the same light using less energy.

Open up the windows so you can use natural light.

A hot bath is relaxing, but better take a shower, you waste less watter and less fuel to heat it, you can even save more if you share the shower with your partner in crime, it´s fun and hot.

If it´s cold, put a sweater on instead of turning up the heater, and if it´s hot, take a cold drink and get naked (this is also a lot of fun) so avoid cooling the whole house with the air conditioned.

This is a well known one, but no less important, RECYCLE, not only the garbage can be recycle, also things in your house that you can give them another use, like bottles, bags, paper sheets, etc.. I know you love to buy new things to replace the old ones but remember, not all goes to the garbage container.

And please DO NOT flush used condoms down the toilet.

Lets do something for the planet, paradise is on earth!