Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New features

Lots of work and less of posts, I know guys, but the work with my comics are taking more time than expected, I promise to post my progress. Right now I´m finishing the cover of the most recent one, and the hard work with "Max" seems to never end, big plans for this two stories, but that´ll happen later this year, also in the next days I´ll open a gallery and wallpaper section so I´ll want you to dress your desktop up with me, OK? :P
As you can see I´ve been in no relax state, but incredibly happy because huge projects are coming over.
While you are here you can vote at the lil poll I published.
See you in a couple of days and sorry for the lack of a graphic this time.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The impatient slave and the calm master

In the right moment the slave spoke with a bright voice. What time is it?
The master stayed calm for a moment, then he opened his mouth, a sound like a whisper came out saying. Time to run my hands all over over you.
The room was just illuminated by a small desk lamp. The slave looked impatient as the hands of the master didn´t move, then he said. I want to see my face.
These words made the master smile for a moment. He stretched his arms at the time he was saying. Don´t you want to see your cock first? Probably your face is the last thing you´ll see.
Now the slave looked disappointed rather than impatient. He decided to change the subject in the hope of making things go faster. Is there any word I need to know before you start?
Gold. Said the master.
Why gold? why don´t...
You´re not supposed to ask questions, you´re not supposed to talk to me in the first place, The master interrupted him, waving his right hand up in the air.
Life´s beautiful, don´t you think? The things we´re not supposed to do are the things that bring us the best moments. The tension on the face of the master was now visible by the words of the slave. With furious eyes the master cried. I taught you that! those are my words. You know I can leave you right away, you could never see me again if I want to, I'm in charge here. You know that?.
For a moment the room got emptied of any sound, till the salve broke the silence saying. Sorry, I didn´t want to make you angry, I just wanted to show you that I learned from the master.
Be quiet, I can´t think with all that babbling, I want you not to move, not to talk, not to do anything. The master responded leaving the room in silence once again. After of what it seemed an eternity the salve said. My worst fear is to never be done.
The master took a deep breath and questioned. Did I ask you that?.
Yes you did.
The master continued with a very honest voice.I have the same fear every time I sit here. With the same honesty the salve told him. Yes, I know that, I´m a reflection of you.
What time is it? This time the master made the question.
Time to see my cock. The slave said.
Both smiled for the "made up" Deja vu till the master finally said. No. It´s time to color your life.


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