Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not loosing you

Next Monday the hard work will start. I´m in the post production of the independent film "Para no perderte" In which I worked as Co director/writer. I´m really exited about WOOOOHOOO!

If you want to check out some pics from the shooting you can catch them at my twitter @ehirano1 or right here on my twitter widget at the right.

This old Illustration it´s just to continue with my last subject on my previous post.
I haven´t post it here on my blog, so... I decided to show it because it tells more now than it did before on my site.

*For gay marriage and adoption rights in Mexico*

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love and religion

Mexico approved gay marriage and as some say “Today the final barriers have come down.” unfortunately some groups (especially religious) started a war against this law and its followers, and after really sad and stupid public declarations a few people end up with a lawsuit because of their comments of dishonour, degradations and discrimination against the gay community.

Ironic thing about those who are supposed to spread God´s love and the only thing they give is "the word of hate"

Love is love no matter the religion, believes or culture, love is a basic need that every living soul in this planet needs. The right to love and to be loved is for everyone.